Facial Rejuvenation System by daGrosa Naturals

Natural Facial Rejuvenation

Clean and Healthy Skin Care

Kit Includes:  Bella Supreme + Facial Serum + Rose Hydrosol


Natural Remedies to Promote Healing, Repair, & Beautification

No artificial colors or fragrances.

All Essential Oils Are:

Therapeutic Grade | High Quality | 100% Pure | Steam Distilled | Nature’s Remedies

Handcrafted | 20+ Years of Therapeutic Blending Experience by Functional Medicine Practitioner

Bella Supreme — A comprehensive blend of homeopathic remedies targeting cellular regeneration are beautifully blended in a proprietary blend of essential oils in a collagen base to allow for deeper healing and rejuvenation.  No preservatives - Made to Order - Freshness Dated!

Rose Hydrosol — A delightful toner to help tighten the pores & balance the pH. Our hydrosol is Bulgarian, collected from cooled steam used in the process of extracting the essential oil of rose. Spritz after cleansing the face and prior to applying Bella Supreme.

Facial Serum - A gorgeous blend of essential oils including wild carrot seed, frankincense, sandalwood, jasmine, & rose absolute in a base of jojoba, apricot kernel and argan oil. Helps to oxygenate, soothe, & rejuvenate facial tissue.  If desired, this can be used as a stand alone moisturizer.

How to receive the best benefits for each product:

Bella Supreme — Apply gently on the face and neck, morning and evening before applying make-up, and after cleansing.  Due to the use of homeopathic remedies used for the tissue growth and repair, this crème is best when used within 70 days of blend date. ***See upgrade with  Dr.Roller for increased absorption and therapeutic benefit***

Rose Hydrosol — Spray on face and skin after cleansing to tighten pores and strengthen the complexion. It can also be soaked in a cotton ball to remove excess make-up or any debris on the face after cleansing. This essential oil spray also works as a natural disinfectant and helps to balance pH after a workout.

Facial Serum — Apply as a moisturizer after cleansing and toning. It can also be applied after Bella Supreme collagen crème for added hydration and rejuvenation.


For Enhanced Results Best used with Dr. Roller 8-line .05mm - Medical Grade Stainless Steel Micro Roller - Promotes Collagen Induction in the Skin