Taurine Powder 100g by Designs for Health - Non GMO

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Taurine powder delivers effective doses of this sulfur-containing amino acid found mainly in meat and seafood. Vegetarians and non-meat/fish eaters therefore may not be meeting their requirements for taurine. Scientists are unsure whether humans make enough taurine, and elevated levels of homocysteine often suggests the body may be having difficulty making this compound. This high-quality formula of pure taurine powder makes getting meaningful doses easy for people who do not like to swallow capsules or need higher doses of this amino acid. Taurine is also needed to make bile and taurocholic acid.

Benefits of Taurine:

  • Lowers blood pressure*
  • Boosts antioxidant defense*
  • Supports immune wellness*
  • Strengthens the heart muscle*
  • Stabilizes heart rhythm*
  • May help macular-degeneration*
  • Prevents blood clots*
  • Aids in glucose metabolism*
  • Works as a natural diuretic*
  • May help with epilepsy*
  • Supports fat digestion*
  • Supports lung health*

Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that plays a myriad of roles in promoting health. Dietary sources of taurine are meat and seafood, especially shellfish such as mussels, clams and oysters. Those who do not eat these foods regularly, especially vegetarians, may be at risk for taurine deficiency. The scientific community is still in disagreement as to whether humans make enough taurine in their own metabolism to meet their needs. Also, elevated levels of homocysteine is a sign that the body may be having difficulty making taurine. Because taurine is essential for heart function, immune function, glucose metabolism, and nervous system health, low levels of taurine should be avoided and corrected with dietary changes and/or supplementation.

Made with non-GMO ingredients.

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