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Great Allergy Chew for kids

Works so well for my 9 year old son with celiac disease. Hard to find good chewable gluten free supplements that work well.

Good service

Order came promptly. Well packaged. No problem. Thanks!

Did not receive package as of today!

Did not receive package as of today!

Great Product

Love this enzyme, it has helped reduce swelling in my left leg and balance everything else out! Thank You!

Excellent probiotic, very effective

I have suffered from cDiff in the past, finally cured by Dificid. This product was recommended by a doctor friend as the best probiotic for people who have suffered from cDiff and she was right on the mark. It normalizes the system and maintains it.

Did not receive

These digestive pills are great. I have ordered them before. However, I have not received this order. It looks like it's stuck in transit. I sent a message about it, but I haven't received a response. Guess I will have to dispute the charge.

Very Helpful

I waited a long time to get relief from my Histamine problem, and having taking the first packet, I am truly getting relief from my RASHES.


I use daily as prescribed buy my doctor for help with my IBS.

The only thing that helps me sleep

This is the only supplement that helps me sleep. Melatonin wasn't effective, and made me groggy the next day. This does the job, and I sleep soundly. I also know I am taking something that is well researched and safe. Happy with my purchase and have taken this for a while now. Super good for sleep and overall health.

quite a mixup

I never ordered and now I get a text that you sent me something else??????? Im very confused what is going on ? Is this a scam?

Awesome product

It really opens up your sinuses instantly. I have been using this product everyday for years. I take two a day and if i get sick I take 6 a day for a week. 2 pills 3 times a day

I am enjoying the benefits from this Daily multi vitamin! I feel good and have a lot more energy!

Leptin Manager by Xymogen
Judith Taylor (JT)
Excellent Product

My doctor suggested Leptin Manager by Xymogen to help with tummy flattening - it did the trick! I'm pleased!

to early to tell

i have not used this product long enough to notice a difference. I will continue to use it but i wish bright path would look into a supplement called usmin plus made by gellepi in intaly. It is more bio available than even the micronized form used in the product i am using but it is difficult to obtain in the us.

Seeking information

I inquired of you about this product regarding ingredients as I have an anaphylactic reaction to certain ingredients, and you told me to go ask the Xymogen company. I am still waiting for their reply. Thank you.

Histamine intolerance relief

15 minutes before meal or alcohol relieves skin rash

Leptin Manager by Xymogen
Rebecca Jimenez
Not happy

It has been two weeks since I purchase this and I still have not received it in the mail

Amazing Supplement!

I've been dealing with painful gastritis on and off for over a year. Doctors just wanted to throw PPIs at me, without getting to the root cause. I started taking cabbage juice, which helped, but I wanted to see if I could take it up a notch. I found Gastrazyme - which has the active ingredient from cabbage that helps heal gastric issues! I'm not big on taking supplements, but I'm so glad I took a chance on this. After only a day of taking it at every meal, my pain was so much better! I've been taking it since then, especially after a meal that contains foods that would irritate my stomach. It's been a life-changing supplement for my stomach pain. I hope they never stop making this. Frankly, it's frustrating that this isn't the first line of treatment for stomach issues, instead of harmful PPIs and prescriptions. I'm hopeful that with Gastrazyme I'll be able to finally heal my issues and not have to be so careful about what I'm eating.

No lights

Does not light up, it has never flashed once since I used it. I'm sure it's a defect


I’m struggling to find where I need to put this on my iPhone 14 pro max! Please help!! Thanks

Excellent product

I like the aroma and that has a roll-on applicator. It is calming and soothing. It seems to help me better if I apply it to my back and neck/shoulder area's. It doesn't 'Knock' me 'out' though. I wouldn't expect any essential oil to knock me out unless I was a cat. If it did know me out I would buy it again though because it would be worth paying $40 which is high for my budget. With all the oils in it, it is a good value.

Leptin Manager

Not much change?

Pleased with my results

I found the product effective in reducing the itch from suspected food allergies almost immediately.

Beta Plus

I bought this because I no longer have a gallbladder and have been having horrible issues with reflux and digestion. This has helped so much! Like instantly! Biotics Research is a well trusted name in my book. This is my first time ordering from Bright Path but, I feel I will be ordering more from them. Pricing is good and it didn't take long at all to receive my product.

Difficult with SIBO

I purchased this to use as a binder for mold toxicity. But I also have SIBO and constipation and unfortunately, no matter what dose I try (even a few sprinkles), this makes my constipation and bloating worse. I think it does not work with my SIBO.